"Black Disney"

July 08, 2021 TR. Rush Season 2 Episode 11
"Black Disney"
Show Notes

What’s going on everybody? Welcome back to the show and thank you for continuing to support the podcast. For those of you tuning in for the first time.

This movement is about you.

This movement is about me.




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The title of today’s show “Black Disney”

I was on hiatus for a few weeks and It feels good to be back in the basement. While I was away I enjoyed my quality time with my children, my family, and the people I love. Life is short and anytime you have an opportunity to relax and enjoy the outside air I recommend you not miss your chance to feel alive again. I really enjoyed a number of activities but the nothing can top my visit to “Black Disney”. So you may be wondering what in world is TR talking about? Well check this out. A few weeks ago My family from Virginia and my crew from Ohio decided to visit what some people refer to as the happiest place on earth. Now I am not here to argue that opinion one way or another but I will admit I had a great time during my stay at Walt Disney World. Yes it was hot and humid everyday and some items were overpriced. But it did not stop me or anyone in my family from taking over the spot from day one. At full strength we were 14 strong and most of the time the mouseketeers did not know how to handle that many black people coming towards them at one time. We was loud. Excited! Happy. And it didn’t take long for that Florida sun to turn our brown asses to Black! Hence the title “Black Disney” But despite the heat, it did not stop us from having a goodtime. Now there were moments we had to take a time out because despite what you may have heard, you got to be in shape walking around those parks and standing in line. And if you are not. It won’t take long before you are exposed by the unforgiving heat and humidity. But more importantly it was about reminding the young and old in our entourage that you can go anywhere in life if you believe. You can go anywhere in life if you put in the work. Although I had been there before and I knew a few things about vacationing inside of the house that Mikey built. I still had an incredible time spending precious moments with the ones who truly matter in my life. We laughed. We cried. We joked. We complained. We endured the random back checks upon entering every park. But at the end of the journey we finished the way we started and that was as a family. I read somewhere once. “That if you are willing to learn, then no one can stop you.” So as we come to the close I remind all of you that no matter what stage you are currently in, inside your life. Don’t miss your opportunity to learn, grow, create, and evolve into the person you want to be. This movement is about you. This movement is about me. This movement is about us. So as we part for now. I humbly ask that you tell one. Who will tell another. Who will tell the world. About, The Rush On Life. Until next time we meet Peace and Love.

Until next time Peace and Love